Precious hands touched the world

To some people, a day rises with a different meaning. They see the same dream every day, interpret the dreams to good and set on to the roads in early hours.

 They wander around the streets from door to door, house to house. It is only a good day to them if they can make an orphan happy or if they can be a support to the homeless and their dreams come true. Fatma Bilezikci is one of those.

 Every morning before the sun rises, with her husband they go around bakeries to gather left over pastries from the day before, heat them up and give them away to provide breakfast for people in need. Every day in Ramadan, a table is set for those in need to provide iftar. The food is served on ceramic sets. On Mondays and Thursdays food is cooked to widowed, orphans and the elderly.

 For the past 20 years Fatma Bilezikci has been seeing the same dream.  And within the same 20 years’ people have been smiling at her in her dreams.

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