Gardener in love with his flower

Once upon a time there was a man in love with his flowers on these grounds. As soon as he wakes up, every morning he would deeply smell the flowers until it filled his inner. Gently he would stroke the leaves and would water them. He would speak to them and watch them for hours. Whenever the flowers become ill so would the gardener and whenever they laugh roses would blossom on the gardeners face. One day a ruthless person pulled out one of the flowers with the roots from the soil during the darkness of the night and threw it to a side. As the sun rose the gardener felt a knife stab him, he could not believe what he saw, a flame fell into his soul.

He then turned around towards the other flowers, spoke to them one by one and gave them hope. He explained to them the vulnerability of the ruthless person who pulled away their friend… there is a creator of all flowers, who love them so much and will take them to his side. Following that day hand in hand the flowers blossomed powerfully, the white whiter, the red redder and the yellow yellower. The flowers had united.

However, this story was not actually once upon time, it happened in 2015. The delicate flower who passed away was the 20-year-old, Özgecan Aslan. Despite the agony and pain, the gardener who tied a rock to his soul is Mehmet Aslan, the father of Özgecan, the man who united Turkey with love. Mehmet Aslan “our state should not face any hardship; our noble nation is a beautiful nation.  Allah created her so special, he loved her so much that he took her next to him. Two-faced should not take place in our country. The criminals resulting in my daughter’s death should not face any cruelty. They should stand in court and face their custody. May Allah help their parents and give them patience.

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