Choose yourself a path

At the darkness of the night or the freshness of the day, choose a colour between black and white. Is it to stop or go in your opinion. Would your choice be on the side of helping the needy or would it be to hindsight the needy?

The programme of “If it was you, what would you do?” has been the hands and feet of the needy under the slogan of “When you think no one is watching you, we are there”. The aim of the programme was to highlight the attitude given to the needy and give us an opportunity to question the lost norms and values within ourselves in reference to the behaviour we show to the vulnerable. The publication is made on TRT from producers Mr Mahmut Avci and Ms Isil Bastug and the presenter Mr Altan Erkekli have all contributed positively to our countries changing values of individuals. It has in fact underlined the persistence of helping the needy and not neglecting them. Through this it has increased the care for people and the surroundings.

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