Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Awards “Goodness”

The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has begun collecting accounts of people who have contributed to goodness in their lifetime ahead of the International Benevolence Awards which is going take place on the 13th of March 2016.

TDV General President İsmail Palakoğlu said that using the slogan “To make goodness dominant on earth,” in the foundations 41st year, they aim to contribute to the proliferation of goodness in all areas of the community.

Palakoğlu who expressed that they were awarding acts of goodness nationwide and internationally to raise awareness of goodness, people who partake in good action and that goodness is going to change the world, also stated that TDV labelled the week which contains the 13th of March within it as “The Week of Goodness” in which various activities will be organised under this scope.

“We are organising the International Benevolence Awards relying on the notion that announcing, explaining, and conveying an act of goodness will motivate many people,” Palakoğlu stated as he pointed out that they had recently given the first International Benevolence Awards.

Palakoğlu, who called to mind the 6 stories of goodness which they had awarded last year, also noted that they would award goodness this year as well and are going to accept applications until the 1st of February.

Palakoğlu who expressed that they anticipated all sections of society participating in the doing of good was quoted saying:

Last year, after a meticulous process of choosing through 500 stories of goodness conveyed to us by Turkiye Diyanet Foundation branches by means of press and social media, we awarded in this program 6 people whose lives have worked for the spread of goodness by using their initiative to solve the problems of the community. The awards were presented by our Prime Minister the honourable Ahmet Davutoğlu. In the second one which is going to be organised on Sunday the 13th of March 2016 we aim to raise awareness of goodness and introduce to the world many possessors of goodness in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Balkans, America and the Far East. Our stories are going to be collected and evaluated with the help of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, our foundations headquarters as well as provincial organisations and the Presidencies of Religious Affairs situated abroad. The stories which reach us are going to be evaluated by a board constituted in our foundation and then presented to the higher board.

Highlighting that they place importance to the International Benevolence Awards, Palakoğlu stated, “We look forward to the communication of anecdotes of individuals who initiate a trend movement, bring people to action, bring inspiration to their environment, bring together  people of different language and cultures in an amicable manner, who protects all creation for the sake of the Creator to the email address pdhk@diyanetvakfi.org.tr until the 1st of February 2016. The accounts of goodness you are going to send us are going to be evaluated by our foundation thoroughly and with care and the awards will be presented to those who are deemed suitable in the presence of esteemed participants in the ceremony which will take place on the 13th of March 2016.”

He also recorded that detailed information regarding the International Benevolence Awards and exemplary award receivers can be sought on the website www.internationalbenevolenceawards.com.

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