Turkiye Diyanet Foundation will give 7 people the International Benevolence Awards.

Turkiye Diyanet Foundations general director,Mr Ismail Palakoglu has announced that 7 people will be awarded with the “International Benevolence Awards”.

Ismail Palakoglu reported that the names of the people awarded will be announced to the public on 10th of March by the President of Religious Affairs, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Gormez and out of the 7 whom are considered worthy, 4 will be from abroad and 3 within the country.

Giving information about the “International Benevolence Awards” Palakoglu stated “as Turkiye Diyanet Foundation we aim and work to make goodness dominant in the world. To remember goodness and to create an awareness we are organising our second International Benevolence Award that happened first last year.

Emphasing that the world is undergoing a difficult period where goodness is needed more, to create an awareness on behalf of goodness, Palakoglu stated that the organisations purpose is to reward, experienced, goodness stories.

Stating that the theme of the International Benevolence Awards is determined as “Goodness will change the world”, Palakoglu stated, “we need to strive and work for the goodness of the universe and all living creatures. We need to compete for goodness and remind it to everyone”.


-“Four different commissions assess the goodness stories”

Palakoglu, stated that this year Turkiye Diyanet Foundation recieved over hundred stories related to goodness from all around the World. He continued:

“This actually is not a contest. This year we worked with our offices, representatives from abroad, partner organisations and headquarters of the foundation have brought together a comission that would identify these experiences over a year period. Within this scale we are working with 4 different comissions to identify the goodness stories. Then on 7 awards will be nominated to the goodness story writers. When  assessing the stories to nominate the awards we are prioritising the stories which will endeavor the community to mobilise in doing goodness and  not on who has written the story, or how lengthy the story is. From the 7 stories that have been chosen 4 are from abroad while 3 are from our motherland.”

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation president Mr Gormez, will anounce the nominees on Thursday 10th of March to the public informed Palakoglu. While the awards ceremony will be held at İstanbul Halic Congress Centre on Sunday 13th March at the international Benevolence awards.

Palakoglu explained that the nominated stories will be presented individually with fragmants. And these will be shared with public at the award ceremony.


“The process is continuing for the World Benevolence Day”                                                                                                            

Reminding that they have applied to the Islamic Cooperation so that the “World Benevolence Day” can have a place in the organisations agenda on Turkiye Diyanet Foundation’s anniversary 13th March, Palakoglu said, “the process is continuing and there currently seems to be no problem. We are aiming to get the conclusion soon inshAllah. 13th March will be labelled as “World Benevolence Day”, and in fact we desire that that week will be celebrated as “World Benevolence Week”.


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