Sometimes love is the vision

Mum, has the sun risen? Shall we wake up?

Mum, can you explain to me the what the laughing children are playing outside?

Mum, the dolly dad bought me has hair as soft as my mine.

Allah has granted you 3 wonderful children. All their eyes are closed in this world. They feel the flowers through smelling, watching films through hearing and feeling the raindrops as they fall on their cheeks. They see the world through different eyes…

 You should be such parents to your children that you are both light and guide, the ones who place the missing puzzles to complete their life…

 Muhammed, Seyma and Recep’s parents were like this. Their 3 children were born blind.  They accepted them as gifts from Allah and despite the hardship, they brought them up with special care and helped them hold on to life.

 From primary school to secondary school and university they moved cities for them. They recorded books and around 50,000 questions to help them in their education journey. Time to time these beautiful parents fell asleep with books. Muhammed Mustafa is now a Turkish teacher in the city of Afyonkarahisar while Seyma is a Turkish teacher in Istanbul. Recep Nurettin is working as a computer operator at the Aydin metropolitan.

 The imam of Afyon Kocatepe Mosque Huseyin Basyigit and his devoted wife Nejla Basyigit lie beneath this success whom are now busy caring for their grandchildren.

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