1.100 stories have been examined for the “Benevolence awards”

Ismail Palakoğlu, the general manager of Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, said that 1.100 stories from 8 different countries all over the world have been examined for the “International Benevolence Awards” project.

Palakoğlu reminds that true stories of benevolence should be rewarded in order to achieve a mindful and charity giving public opinion which can make a difference in society. The “International Benevolence Awards” does exactly that.

He continued by saying that 6 of the 500 stories of last year were awarded with a price given by the President of Turkeym Ahmet Davutoğlu and the President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Mehmet Görmez.

Palakoğlu emphasized that the various provincial offices, both abroad and within Turkey, of the Presidency of Religious Affairs in corporation with organizations in 135 countries over the world, have examined 1.100 stories through internet and media surveys. Palakoğlu further continued:

“He who starts a good act in this world and society, bringing individuals in action, inspiring the ones around him and bringing different people of different languages together, four different commissions are founded. These commissions are founded for the sake of the Creator, to protect and embrace the ones doing good and award their benevolence. The best story is award through a series of examinations: First gathering the stories, preselecting between them, selecting the best stories and the jury decision which decides the award winners. The selection criteria consist of being a story of benevolence which is authentic, original, true, actual, gives hope to the world, benefiting humans and the society and in the field of humanitarian aid, health, education and environmental protection.”

22 Stories made it to the finals

After Palakoğlu stressed that a selection is made out of 1.100 stories he said “70 stories passed the preselection because of their impression on the jury. After the second selection by the second commission, a total of 22 stories were selected. These 22 stories will be examined and the jury will make their decision so that the public knows who won the International Benevolence Awards.”

The Ceremony for the awardwinners is held on the 13th of March 2016, in the İstanbul Halic Congress Center. Activism is held high in order to spread goodness over the world, says Palakoğlu.

The website www.uluslararasiiyilikodulleri.com is available in Turkish, Arabic and English in order to spread benevolence to all corners of the world. Social media pages in Turkish, Arabic, English, German and French have been opened to share this goodness.

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