Children suit the mosque the best

A prophet visits a child named Zeyd for condolences for the death of his bird. A prophet who at the birth of his daughter, Fatima, stands up to kiss her on her forehead during a time when baby girls were buried alive. A prophet who stays at prostration (sajdah) until his grandchildren, Hasan and Hussein, come down from his back. A prophet who shortens his prayer for a crying child.

Mr Naci Sengun gets influenced from our Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) love for children and as a result makes an aquarium of 100 fishes to the Acibadem Yusuf Dede mosque. The children have welcomed the fishes and as their primary duty of the day they go and feed the fishes they have named. The children of the Acibadem area are learning to care for the society while they are growing from Mr Naci Sengun.

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